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We are pleasure to introduce our company Golden Myanmar Seafarer Agency "is one of the most progressive Crew Manning Company and recruitment Company" We are registered by the Govt.of Myanmar Our Ship's Crew Manning as approved by the Concerned Authority . Our Ratings and Officers are well trained, Some from IMT (Institute of Marine Technology), Some from MMU (Myanmar Marine University), Some from LCT (Local Costal Service),etc. They got at least One Degree from concern University. STCW-95 Certified Officer and Crew are well trained under the regulations of IMO. We are presently supply Myanmar (Burma) Officers and Rating Crew of Cargo, Tanker, Bulk and Passenger Vessels including Tugs and Supply Boats Worldwide. We have an excellent record of service by our professionally experienced and dedicated staff as recorded. Our Company is special service company providing MYANMAR SEAFARERS for many World Wide Shipping Companies. We can supply any grade of position Deck and Engine. Also you can negotiate us any terms and condition frankly, openly, clearly.